英文名字: Joe       擅长教授: 实用英语,商务英语,少儿英语

性别: 男       国籍: 美国



I have had an extensive career as an English foreign teacher since the year 2000
and a colorful one as well. From the year 2000 until 2008 I taught everything from
pronunciation to ESL books and then on to TOEIC English preparatory exam courses.
A majority of those students were either in university or had just graduated from a
university though on occasion I did teach some high school students and some older
people in their 30\’s. In 2007 I received my Master’s degree in English Education. The
next step in my English teaching was in 2008 where I actually went to South Koreato
teach Kinder-6th grade, children at theUSAAcademyand at Pucheon Translation to
teach adults English. I later moved to Manila, the capital of the Philippines
to find work during 2008 as there was an economic crisis in the USA and in
Korea so most of the Korean schools in the Philippines were going bankrupt so I
opted to work for a Japanese company teaching specialized English courses and
co-wrote an English slang book for the Edhen Miles school. Later in 2010 I
found out about online teaching and began to work for several agencies inChina.
During my time as an online English teacher I began to teach many things that I had
never taught before such as IELTS, TOEFL, job and university interview
questions along with teaching children from children’s books although most of
my student were in their last year of high school or university students. In
2012 I had the opportunity to work at a private junior high school inThailandmostly
teaching the students pronunciation as their skills in English were very
limited. Then in 2013 I worked for theUniversity of Nizwa,Omanas a Professor of TOEFL
as it is a major requirement at this school to enter your major or receive your
diploma. In 2014 I worked for IED in conjunction with the Vietnamese Gov.
Agency AIC to teach High school English teachers to use English for their
English classes and to help them pass the Cambridge Anglia exam. In the first
half of 2015 I worked for Saudi Aramco Oil Company teaching their employees
English. I have been teaching IELTS and TOEFL now for the past 6 + years with most
of my students getting over 100 for TOEFL and over6.5 inIELTS.I also teach, kids,
business courses, reading comprehension and a variety of other things. By this time
after 14 years I have taught over 14,000 students from various countries in classrooms
and online.
Sincerely Joseph Mason


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