英文名字: Dolly       擅长教授: 实用英语,商务英语,少儿英语

性别: 女       国籍: 美国



Hello everyone, I'm Dolly, and I am an English teacher. No matter what area of English that you may be having problems in I am sure that together we can find a solution. Each student has goals which they would like to successfully obtain. I aim to help you to reach those goals.

My specialties are in Everyday Conversational English, Travel English, Basic Business English, Idiomatic English Expression, and English for Children of all ages.

Learning is not achieved in just a snap of the fingers. There is no magic tricks that will instill instant knowledge. Instead, it takes patience, determination, willingness and hunger to learn.

I teach children, teens, young adults as well as matured adults who are planning to retire and want to travel but have almost no basic knowledge of English. The age of a student is no problem as long as the desire and persistence are there.

Teaching children is a specialty of mine. They hold a soft spot in my heart because they are this world's hopes, dreams and tomorrow’s future. No child is too difficult to teach nor too young. If you are a parent that has a child that can't seem to learn English, let me work with you, you will be surprised to see them begin to enjoy English.

Remember English is a journey that will bring a lifetime of learning and joy. Get in touch with me now. Student’s call me by the name of Teacher Dolly and let's start that journey together now!


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