Charles E. Buffington

英文名字: Charles E. Buffington       擅长教授: 实用英语,商务英语,少儿英语

性别: 男       国籍: 美国

学习建议: How I can help you most with your English studies include: Native English accent training, idiom usage, and/or conversational English. I have also helped students study for their TOEFL exams as well as other examinations for English as a second language


Hello, ESL students! My name is Charles Buffington. I'm a native English speaker from America, living in Manila, Philippines with my family. I hold a Bachelor of Arts degree from Northwest C. University, and I'm currently a freelance ESL instructor. I'm recording this self-introduction for Fly Fly English. I've had more than 10 years of experience teaching English as a second language to Chinese, Japanese, and Korean students both in a formal classroom setting as well as on-line. I've taught many levels of students, including: nursery and elementary school children, middle school students, high school students for several years in Korea, and University level classes in China. I've also had extensive experience teaching adults, including business English.


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