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1. Right, let’s get started.


2. Let me introduce myself.


3. I’ve divided my presentation into three main parts.


4. Just to give you a brief overview.


5. I’ll be saying more about this in a minute.


6. I’m sure the implications of this are clear to all of us.


7. There’s an important point to be made here.


8. OK, let’s move on. (go on to make your next point)


9. As you can see, the figures speak for themselves.


10. To go back to what I was saying earlier.


11. Are there any questions you’d like to ask at this point?


12. I’d like to look at this in more detail.


13. Let’s put this into perspective. (to explain it this way)


14. Perhaps I should expand on that a little.


15. To digress for a moment? (to depart from your plan)


16. So, to sum up?


17. That brings me to the end of my talk.


18. Thank you. I’m sure you all have lots of questions.


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